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Hey there, I'm Laura!

I am a texas girl, born and raised!  Aside from photography, I love party planning, home decor and my dallas cowboys!


If I am not out chasing the texas sunset then i am either roaming the isles of Hobby Lobby or working on some type of home DIY with my handsome husband. We have 2 beautiful daughters that keep us busy and ohh so entertained.


At a very young age I developed a great appreciation & love for photography. My mom inspired me by always taking pictures during the holidays, family events, school functions and all those moments that mommas aim to capture!


Back then she used a 35mm Minolta with Film! 

Film Y’all! It was her prized possession. I will never forget the first time she let me snap my first photo, 

It was magical! 

From that moment, my eyes became naturally drawn to the beauty and story a single photo can hold. A smile, a laugh, a look, that perfect moment captured in time. 


Over the years I have used all types of cameras.

from disposable cameras as a teenager to purchasing my 1st DSLR camera when my oldest daughter was born. I wanted to ensure we had the best camera to capture all her milestones and everything in between.


As a mom and a photographer i understand how fast time flies. Being able to preserve memories + emotions from 

a moment in time is priceless and the most 

beautiful part of my job!


i love reviewing photos and totally feeling the story being told.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to get to know you and be your storyteller! 



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